Vision . . .

This past weekend Empower Network got together in Denver, Colorado.
The learning was incredible. By Sunday evening my brain was about to explode and I know my VISION is NOT BIG enough and my Why… well it is now HUGE…

I arrived at the Denver airport many hours before take off. There were 3 of us who had a wonderful lunch and conversation before we went to our prospective gates. I had the latest flight.

I get an email letting me know my flight is delayed and hour. I go ask at the help desk if there is an earlier flight I could take and they tell me it is oversold. (REALLY… How do you oversell seats on and airplane do they attach people to the underbelly or tail?) and they inform me it is delayed because of “maintenance” issues. Holy crap I am not a lover of flying so this information was a bit TMI if you know what mean. I arrived at my gate, got as comfortable as I could under the circumstances, dialed into our weekly call, after about thirty minutes all of a sudden I look up and on the reader board it no longer says flight 797 to Portland, Or.; It says flight ??? to Las Vegas!

airplane pics photo: airplane airplane.gif

I scrambled back over to the help desk apparently dropping my bottle of water I had purchased for the flight (you now have to purchase water with this airline) to find out they changed gates. The next thing maybe having a pay toilet on board? As I am sitting at the next gate attempting to finish listening to the call…… AGAIN I look up and see it no longer says Portland. What the heck is going on here… At this point I went up to the gate and said what gate is the flight from Portland now, and how many more times is the gate going to change before it arrives?

OH… the story gets better… Finally on the plane, we take off, my earbuds are in and I close my eyes at this point it is after 10 pm over an hour past my original flight time. The person next to me decides she needs ALL of the arm rest AND the floor space under my feet in addition to hers. Every time I moved I bumped or kicked her not to mention also serving as a pillow for her. She mumbled apologies and continued to take up both areas. The only thing preventing my from being completely in the aisle is the arm rest! Almost to Portland upon returning to her seat she grabs my part of the seat belt and looks at me as if i was an alien when I point out to her Her hand tightens, assumes the death grip, I smile and reach down to release her part from under her bottom end.

Safely landed most of us are patiently awaiting our turn, except for a woman and her daughter behind me. They are up and grabbing their bags and standing about 2 rows ahead of me.

I text Michael we had landed and the response I get is…. “I am running late”… Okay I
know what you are thinking… this is a comedy of errors….. I bite and ask where are you? He
tells me he had been stopped by a cop CARTOON POLICE CAR photo: Police Car police1.gif
because my Cruiser had very few lights on. Luckily no
ticket, he had forgotten his wallet. He turned around and picked up our other vehicle. We
arrived home safely about 1:30 am.


Morale of the story, be grateful, roll with the punches. Really just make SWEEEEEET lemonade out of the lemons being thrown at you and most of all smile just smile…..

Now my why is much larger. Flying first class is definitely in my vision.

Something very exciting is happening with this company… stay tuned… you have less than 60 days to get on board for an industry changing opportunity… Anyone who is in business in any form will be able to explode their business with this new platform. Get on board now and start to build the life of your dreams.

Leave me a comment if this peaks your interest…