The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is one of the
best books I have read.

It has profoundly affected me.

The author Andy Andrews has also
written these books;
The Travelers Gift,
The Noticer,
The Boy Who Changed The World,
The Noticer Returns,
and The Final Summit.

It shows you how EVERYTHING affects EVERYTHING!

Famous people like George Washington,
George Washington Carver, Henry Wallace
and Norman Borlaug a Nobel Prize Winner
are mentioned in this wonderful book.
The book is fascinating and significant.

The man responsible for The Butterfly
Effect is Edward Lorenz. Everyone thought
his hypothesis was ridiculous and laughed
him out of the conference with the New
York Academy of Science.

It was about thirty years after that
physics professors concluded that the
butterfly effect was authentic, accurate,
and viable.. Soon after, it was accorded
the status of a “law.” Now known as The
Law Of Sensitive Dependence Upon Initial
Conditions, this principle has proven to
be a force encompassing more than mere butterfly wings.

The book can be ordered from Amazon (link to the right)
or you can order this book from your local library
and read it for free.

I invite you to experience the magnificent

It is definitely in my library now!

WARNING: This book may change your life!


“Moving My Wings Consciously”


Sue, I am glad you reminded me of this Butterfly effect.. because I firmly believe it happens daily! LIke the ripple effect or like karma that gets paid forward.. It all works so well in our universe. Thanks, Karen