Are You Bullying Yourself?

I believe the most important 969188_10151511090293576_481669690_n
to change your self talk

Be conscious of every thought that comes into your mind.
Aware of what you are telling yourself…

There is a lot of people being bullied in this world
It is awful.

The question is . . . are you bullying yourself?

Do you say awful horrid things to yourself?

I am to fat for that dress
I am not smart enough to figure that out
I could never do that
Why is he/she so lucky
I can’t afford that

Start canceling your bullying thoughts to yourself and replace them with love and positive words.

watch this:

Love has to start within

I will say that again.
Love has to start within.
Your heart
Your soul
Your brain

Use statements like:

I AM smart
I AM beautiful
I AM handsome
I AM abundance
I AM wealth
I AM joy

Practice this everyday several times a day.
I also practice meditation
writing down things I am truly grateful for

If you are ready to make a change in
your click here to get started!

Blessings to you!